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I was going to ask what the fuck, really I was, but I feel a greater need to adress the mouse in the room; where are the elephant ears?

Just going out on a limb here, but...

Business is bashing

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This is triggering my predatory instincts

While I didn't have quite the same experience as others with the story, I'll say it was a solid game. The pixelart was reliable and looked good, but the combat mechanics was what caught my eye. The very idea of it is fascinating; I heavily suggest you focus on refining it

Ten little monkeys, jumping on the bed
One was kidnapped by some eggs
Monkey pulled his gun out of his scarf and said
"Now it's time to fry some eggs!"

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It's always easy to forget what a masterful tool the voice is alone, always caught up in music or accompanying an animation. Then rolls around this; a big sonorous amalgam of all the things so many people created just to be experienced by the ears. It's remarkable how well Everything by Everyone holds up, every single time. High compliments to the chefs. Gray is still gay

VoicesByCorey responds:

A reason why I wanted to orchestrate thus collab is because of what you stated. Sometimes, VAs go unnoticed on NG and I wanted to highlight how awesome they are. I'm glad you enjoyed the collab. Thanks for listening!

Actually, this one is quite nice. The repitition gets a bit old, but each segment sounds eerie and weighty, as it should. I could imagine this song playing as a group of nonspecific cryptids go trick-or-treating around the neighborhood

Winkwing responds:

Thank you! I'm working on losing some of the repetition on my new songs I'm composing, and I'm glad to receive some feedback, from the great Vockwell no less!

Hope you're ready for the last few tracks of the album, because they're coming out soon!

Unnervingly empty. Very mind-control-y vibes from this

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That's the man who's going to Cleveland this week. Pray for Cleveland

How many bloody colors is that? Five? Damn

Okay, maybe I will go see Sing 2

Star of every movie that never came out

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